Confident decisions about energy efficiency and renewable energy

Green Homes

Every home can be tuned for
green. Technology, home
construction and appliances make
it practical for everyone to give their
homes green features. Green homes
are high performance homes and
are more healthy, comfortable,
and efficient. This site will give you
a mental framework to accelerate
your understanding of what makes
a green home. It will also show you how
to evaluate what makes sense for
YOUR home and get you started
on making changes.

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    First things first.

    Adding renewable energy generation to your
    home will have a greater impact if you first
    make your home energy-efficient. You need a
    plan to get started and a great first step is a
    home energy audit. You can do your own
    or you can hire a professional. Either way
    you will learn about the specific energy
    characteristics of your home and you will be
    able to make a prioritized list of changes you
    want to make. My mid-west sensibilities lead
    me to fix construction errors and then
    look at operational savings that will give me a
    return on my investment. You can organize
    your projects to reflect your personal
    values. Whether you are a tree-hugging
    earth steward or a hard-nosed accountant
    does not matter, the important thing is to
    make a good start.

    Learn how to conduct a home energy audit
    and see what a professional home energy
    audit involves.

    What are other people doing?

    Making your home green is not a new
    concept. Thousands of homes in the United
    States are already on the journey and you
    can find good examples of homes in every
    stage along the way. We are all in this
    together and learning from the experiences
    others will get us all where we want to be.
    Trail blazers can teach us what can be done
    and how to do it. An important aspect of
    greening your home is how to pay for it.
    In the United States governments at all
    levels are encouraging people to make their
    homes energy efficient by picking up part of
    the tab. In some cases they are picking up a
    large part of the tab. Between grants (free
    money), tax rebates (more free money),
    energy credits (new money) and
    subsidized financing (cheap money) you
    may be able to afford more than you think,
    sooner than you think.

    DIY or not

    When it comes time to make your plans a
    reality you must strike a balance between
    cost and personal involvement. There is no
    doubt that you can save money by doing the
    work yourself.

    I will confess to a lack of handy-man skills
    that make the decision an easy one for me.
    Nobody in my family will even talk about my
    last plumbing project, and decorating the
    Christmas tree is about as electrical as I
    should get. I do have friends and family who
    can pull off any home project. The trouble is
    that many projects, especially ones that
    add renewable energy generation involve
    hauling heavy equipment to dangerous
    heights and working with high voltage
    devices that are not familiar to most
    amateurs. Almost everyone will need help
    and picking a good green home builder
    is very important.


There is a great deal of information available regarding green homes, solar renewable energy homes, zero energy homes, solar power homes, wind power homes, leed building/construction, and sustainable construction. The difficulty researching high performance construction, high performance home design, passive solar design, home automation, smart grid, and mesh networking led to the creation of this site to make it easier to build a green home. My focus has been on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan when geography matters. Especially Northeast Ohio, Central Ohio, Southern Ohio, Cleveland, Mentor, Lake County, Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.