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Energy Efficient Green Home Projects

Energy Efficient Green Home Projects

This site is an accelerator. It will get you quickly and efficiently to a point where you are comfortable talking to professionals and making decisions about green features for your home. It does this by giving you a mental framework to put all the great information on the internet in a meaningful context. Once you have the big picture it is a lot easier to make sense of the details and pick out the ones that are important to you.

I am not a builder, or an installer, or a real estate agent. I am a homeowner a little ahead of you in figuring out the green question. I intentionally avoid using technical or building-trade terms. The site is simple and contains only a few pages. There are links along the right side of most pages for a deeper dive into details. The site was designed to take two to four hours to study every page.

I recommend this approach to using the site:

  1. Review the Site Map as an outline for understanding Green Homes
  2. Explore each of the five main areas in any order that you like. Navigation to the landing page for each main area is always available at the top of the page.
  3. Within each main area study the landing page and then each page along the left-hand navigation from top to bottom. Explore some of the deep dive links along the right. They will open new windows so you will be able to return by closing the new windows.
  4. Let me know what you are looking for and did not find clicking the Give Feedback link at the bottom of any page and filling out the questionnaire (this is very important and will greatly help me keep the site relevant).
  5. Bookmark the home page and come back every couple of weeks to see what is new. You will see a special symbol on navigation links to pages that were added or modified within the last four weeks.
  6. Tell your friends. If this is something you find useful then your friends probably will, too. You can help get the word out by sending them a link. Better yet, at the top of each page is a Share button that will help you share the page on your web site, blog, facebook page, linkedin page, etc. If you post a link then your friends will get the message and the search engines will know the site is relevant and make it easier to find.

I am excited about this site. I wish that it was around when I first started investigating Green homes. What took me more than 50 hours to figure out should take you about two. At the same time, the site should give you many hours of good material by following the deeper dives. Good luck, it is an exciting trip. Donít forget to send me a postcard!

- Doug