An Aspiring Green Homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio

I am Doug Denton, and I aspire to be a green homeowner.

I own a typical house in an average suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Until a few years ago I did not give a lot of thought to my home, how it used energy, or the impact of my energy consumption - except when my bills for natural gas and electricity arrived.

I am Doug Denton, and I aspire to be a responsible consumer - but not a tree-hugger.

There was no "moment of enlightenment" that sparked my interest. I think it was the constant trickle of media attention on sustainability backed up by the occasional disaster somewhere in the world, natural or man-made, that helped me appreciate that my consumption does matter.

I am Doug Denton, and I aspire to lower energy bills.

At the same time, and possibly more importantly, advances in technology made it possible to save money on my energy bills without rebuilding my house or dramatically changing my behavior. Then there were all these government incentives that gave a sense of urgency to taking some action.

I am Doug Denton, and I am probably a lot like you.

The fact that you are still reading tells me that we are likely on the same path. I don't know where you are, what your values are, or what you are interested in achieving. I do know what information forms the basis for my decisions and believe that most people will use the same information. I spent many hours (more than I will admit) figuring out what is important. Many people and many companies have silos of information, but there is nobody who has all the components, in one place, that made me comfortable that I was prioritizing things properly. This site shares the information that is the foundation of my plans to make my home green. More importantly, it links out to some great sources on the internet for more detailed information. I hope that this can be a hub as you learn the basics here and then explore the web for greater details on the topics that interest you most.

I am Doug Denton, and I need your help.

You know more than I do about some topics on this site. You may have suggestions regarding topics that are not represented. Please let me know what you think. My email address is